How Tradie Business Owners Can Grow a Business Automatically

“You don’t need big office teams to deliver a top shelf marketing strategy or customer service”

In the tradie world especially, time is not only precious, but its money. I’m sure you will agree. The large majority of trade businesses are micro or small businesses and don’t have large office teams to run everything. But the thing is, these days you don’t need big office teams to deliver a top shelf marketing strategy or customer service. You also don’t need endless hours of your time to ensure all of your clients receive the information they need.

What is an automation platform?

An automation platform is simply a tool to free up your time and encourage potential clients to choose your business. It’s as simple as that!

Automation tools have long been seen to be the domain of eCommerce businesses.
However, they have come a very long way and trade businesses can now benefit equally as much.

Imagine this… You’re a tradie who is still on the tools. You can’t afford to be
fielding phone calls all day, but you need to be able to lock in new jobs. How on earth do you do both? Pretty easily actually!

I love automation tools, however trying to figure out what will work can be time consuming and downright frustrating. So, I can completely understand why it gets dumped in the ‘too hard basket’, Yet, when used right, you can save yourself hours of time normally spent answering simple questions. Freeing up your time to deal with your current clients and customers or those who are ready to go.

Using automation, you can easily and effortlessly nurture potential clients through the
decision and awareness stages without spending countless hours on the phone with them.
In fact, a few simple automation tools can completely change the way you work. You caneasily deliver personalised information to the people that need it, when they need it.

Here is an example of a really simple funnel:

  1. You run a few targeted facebook ads (we’ll get to them later),
  2. The ads are working and people are coming to your website
  3. You’ve offered a great downloadable PDF (e.g. if you’re a builder you could have ’10
    top tips for an easy building process’) They fill out their details to receive a PDF
    ebook that that tells them 10 top tips for building your next home
  4. You now have their email address and can email to them from your automation
    How do automation platforms work?
    You can use these platforms to ask clients a few simple questions, letting you know exactly
    what they want or need. In fact, you can even let them book a time for you to call them to
    discuss the job AND have a reminder notification sent to you beforehand. Saving you hours
    of back and forth emails and calls, only to find out they are not ready to hire you for another
    6 months!

And if that’s the case, you can add them to an automation whereby they receive an email every month from you, giving them the latest industry news or even just some inspiration for their job.

Our favourite platforms for tradies is definitely ActiveCampaign
This is a marketing automation platform that is easy to learn, simple to use and can do a huge amount. It works well on all the popular website platforms as integrates with hundreds of other useful platforms.

But how can it work for tradies?
Most recently we set up an Active Campaign for a new home builder. So, after we quickly and easily added the integration on his website, this is what we did.

The potential clients gave their email via his website and also a Facebook Advert.

They then answered a couple of questions and based on their answers, they are
moved into the most appropriate automation.

Although the following is a very brief explanation of what we have done with the automation, it gives you an idea of what is possible:

A potential client has indicated that they are ready to build and need to speak
directly with the builder, they are what is called a ‘hot’ lead. They are sent to another (free) platform that lets them book a time they would like the builder to ring them. The builder gets the message and can ring them at the time they have chosen.

If, however, they are still getting ideas, we would call them a ‘cold’ lead and move
them into a different automation that gives them lots of info and ideas. Keeping the Builder at the front of their mind when it came time to start.

If they’re somewhere in between, (warm lead) we have another funnel that also gives lots of information and answers some common questions that many people have. However, we check in on them a little sooner and encourage them to book a time for a phone call

The main aim is to move them from being a cold lead right through to a hot lead.
How does this help a tradie?

It means you save numerous hours answering the same questions over and over again. Giving you time back to actually be a tradie, plan for your business or most importantly spend with your family.

When should I get this in place?
The simple answer is yesterday! The lead time from someone making contact to being ready to hire their tradies can be a year or more. So, technically people who are entering your database now, may turn out to be next years’ jobs! So the sooner you start putting these platforms in place, the sooner you free up more of your own time. And of course, start seeing those next jobs coming through.

Sound good? We’d love to help you get started. We’ll work on you with a strategy, and then set this all up for you, giving you time to do the parts of business and life that you like doing best. Get in contact today

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