Got a “boring small business”? Here’s how to make your social media posts interesting

I’m captivated by the goats in Morocco that climb trees. There they are, doing what they do every day, walking out across the branches and enchanting people all over the world, as well as helping create argan oil. Before COVID19, tourists would come to see them. (In writing this I’ve discovered that farmers have been known to force the goats up the tree to encourage tourism so hopefully the current goats are just there, enjoying the view!)

Here’s the thing about those goats. 

I think they’re magical. This idea that goats can somehow do something we don’t think goats should be doing makes them interesting. We don’t really understand it. But we want to!

But those goats do not think they’re amazing. They’re not posing for the cameras, they’re just doing what they do every day. If you asked them why people want to see them, they’d shrug and say “I dunno, I’m just a goat in a tree. Nothing special.”

Those goats? They are just like you and your business!

You don’t think you are special, but we all will if you share all that cool every day stuff you just take for granted.

When it comes to social media they’ve got nothing to say, until they find something that interests themselves like winning an award or going out for Christmas dinner, or having a sale. These are all valid posts, but generally these aren’t the posts that get people coming back to read more about your business all the time. These are posts you want to share. Which isn’t always the same as what people want to hear. . 

I can promise you, you do not have a boring business to talk about. I’ve worked with thousands of small businesses and I haven’t discovered a boring one yet.

However, I have discovered a huge amount of boring social media content! Creating content for social media is difficult when you think what you do is boring (or at the least uninteresting).The key to showing that to other people is to realise that you, and your business – you’re a goat in a tree! 

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Answer frequently asked questions

Write down a list of questions you get asked by potential customers, and existing clients. Write a full and clear answer to that question. When we give people what they ask for that makes them feel heard. 

  1. Share your “goat in a tree” wisdom

Sharing advice, tips, hacks and advice helps people feel you’re not just there to sell to them. It helps them see if you know what you are doing. And it gives them a reason to come back and read more. 

  1. Give us a peek behind the scenes

Show us and tell us stories about your company culture. Share a snap of the office dog, the coffee run, the messy desk, the tour of the warehouse. All of it shows a little snippet of your business, your values and personality. 

  1. Tell us about yourself and your team

Share a little about yourself. This is not about putting everything out there, but just helping people know who you are a little more. People buy form people they feel they know, and they trust. So this is your way to build a relationship

Add in the occasional promotion and share a little bit of fun and you’ll have more interesting contact than you thought possible. People will know you are definitely a goat in a tree. 

We’ve got a checklist to help you get this sorted. You can download it here

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