Got an ECommerce store? Here’s our top tips to get your sales growing

So, you’ve got an online store. Your products are all loaded up, you’ve told your friends and family on Facebook. In fact, you may have even had a couple of sales. Woo-hoo. But now you’re waiting for the regular influx of eager buyers to flood your inbox with orders…. And you’re waiting…. And waiting

Surely, they can see what an amazing shop it is! 

You’re right, it probably is a brilliant shop and fantastic concept. But here’s the thing. You’ve actually only just begun. The online ecommerce world is bursting with websites and stores. Some of them and amazing, some are absolutely terrible, and the vast majority are in between.

So, I’ve put together a few tips you can start with to get your store pumping.


Yeah, yeah, I know! You hear this constantly. But guess what, it’s a thing! And to be honest it’s a pretty important ‘thing’ You see, SEO is going to tell google and Bing and all the other search engines how valuable your website it. If you’re not telling them, how will they ever know. So here are a few basic things you can start with:

  • Make sure you use keywords in your H1 and H2 titles
  • Ensure you have a favicon installed.
  • List your business is directories that will help you create backlinks.
  • Make sure all your images have alt tags.
  • Build a site that loads quickly.

When we work with our MAPIT clients, we run an easy-to-understand SEO check that gives easy fixes. However, there are a few others, like GTMetrix, you can try yourself.

Watch your customers.

Ok, so I don’t mean stalking, that’s really uncool. But from in our digital world, we can see what our customers are doing that will help us improve what we are offering them.

  • Hotjar or Zoho Pagesense
    These nifty little things let you see where customers are clicking and even record what they do on your website. There are no identifying factors, so you will have no idea who they are. But if 80% of first-time users head to your “about us” page, it may mean you need to ensure you have lots of links and CTA’s on that page to push them to your online store.
  • Google Analytics
    Ooooh I love this one! Its so underutilised. I could literally spend hours in here watch customers behaviour through my site, testing new page layouts and improving content on pages that seem to get high rates of exits.

Talk to you customers.

So, this one does not literally mean pick up the phone and have a chat about your favourite product. What I mean is, talk to them through email. When they subscribe to your website, you probably send them a welcome email. Don’t let that be the last time they hear from you. 

Email marketing has long evolved from the old “throw a couple of emails out there and see who responds” NO!! DON’T DO THAT! Your customers will run a mile! Instead talk to them about their interests. Here are a few ways you can do this through platforms such as ActiveCampaign

  • Segment your customers based on interests. E.g., If you’re selling haircare, there is no point selling blonde toning shampoo to a brunette. So, segment your customers. And this is how you could do this:
    • Based on previous purchases you will know that customer A, likes blonde toning shampoo. So, you could talk to her (through your marketing automations and campaigns) about strength building treatments for blonde hair.
    • Customer B has purchased colours for brunette. So, your email to her may be all about colour saving products.
  • After 3 months, your brand new, first time customer hasn’t come back to buy from you again. So, why not send them an email offering a promotion to encourage them back?
  • Back to our haircare customers. You know that your customer purchased a shampoo from you and they typically need to be refilled around 6 weeks. Therefore, at the 4-week mark, why not send them an email reminding them to repurchase?

Facebook & Google Ads

I’m going to put my hand up and say this type of advertising can become a minefield, which can quickly blow up if it’s not done right. Having said that, it’s not hard to at least get started yourself. Because in all honesty, you should have some understanding of them before you hire someone to take over.

First and foremost, add the Facebook Pixel and your Google tracking code to your website. You can’t do much without them. Second set up basic ads on Facebook with a retargeting add for people who have visited your website. Of course, it goes way more in depth than that. But remember, this is a starting place. 

As for Google Ads, these are a little trickier to get right (actually a lot trickier). And to be completely honest, my biggest recommendation is to jump in, have a look around, get to know the dashboard and then hire someone to set them up correctly. A poorly set up account is just throwing money away.

All these points really are only the very tip of the iceberg. But it gives you an idea of how easy it can be to make a few small changes that could have a huge impact on your sales. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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