Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of strategy/training you do cover?

    While we always start with a marketing strategy and action plan, for some customers it’s the “tip of the iceberg!” We help you do as much as you can without us, but if you need extra support we can help train you in all areas of digital marketing, coach you through your marketing confidence, help create social media content plans, set up and train you on your facebook ads, ZOHO CRM/ONE, Active Campaign or Mailerlite implementations and help with content writing, sales training and creating a brand story.

  • How much does it cost to work with you?

    We have a “marketing strategy first” policy.. Our marketing strategy and action plan (which is written to last you several years, from where you are now, to where you are headed) starts at $3495 + gst. This price is dependent on the stage, size and complexity of your business. Over half our clients are given the $3495 + gst quote for a Marketing/Strategy action plan.

    If you want some extra support, we also have a $4995 plan plus three months coaching to ensure you make the most of your investment with us.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    We know that cashflow is king, and we want you to be able to work with us sooner rather than later. We offer you the chance to spread your payments across two to six months (depending on what we are doing with you). We ask for the first payment to be made prior to us beginning work with you.

  • What will you expect from me as a client?

    We become very invested in your success. Our first goal is to help you grow enough to earn back the money you’ve invested in us as soon as possible. After that, we expect big things! 

    Big things can take a bit of effort, so we know tha the business owners that get the best results are ready. They are ready to listen, to learn and to then carve out time to learn. Learning as an adult can feel tricky, especially when we have blocks and fears. 

    We need you to know we’ll make your business a priority, but we find that easier to do when we can feel that same energy from you too. 

    Even if you are planning to outsource your marketing, you’ll still need to know and understand what’s going on, and decide or approve messaging and actions. So learning to make the time is key to your success.

    We do expect you to provide us with links, content and information we request in a timely way. And… of course.. We do expect to be paid on time.  

    If it’s a yes to the about we would love to talk with you.

  • Which Marketing Strategist will I work with?

    Most of the time your first conversation is with Rachel Klaver (Hi!). I’m based in New Zealand so our first session will be via zoom (to fit in with your time zone) When I talk to you, I ask you a bunch of questions. My job is to match you with the best strategist for you. This is dependent on industry, on your current strengths and weaknesses, your personality, and the stage of your business. (and sometimes on whether you’re ok to work with a Kiwi or would vastly prefer an Australian, I won’t get offended – promise!) Our team have worked with pretty much every type of business and from Start Ups to 20 million plus turnover enterprises. So my suggested strategist for you is about finding the very best fit for you and your needs.

  • Do you have a waiting list?

    During the last quarter of the year the answer is normally yes! However generally the wait is around 2-3 weeks at most. Sometimes there are differing wait times for particular strategists, so we’ll always give you the option of faster bookings where possible.

  • Can we meet in person?

    Sure! We do nearly all our training and strategy via Zoom. Our Facebook and automation training is often via videos (so you keep it). However you can also arrange to meet Tracey Smith in Albury/Wodonga. (Rachel and Rachel are in NZ so in-person might be a bit tricky!). There is no extra cost involved in you coming to us. However we do re-quote if you want us to come to you, and it may be several thousand dollars more.

  • Do you just teach digital marketing?

    We look at the whole business, and recommend the marketing that’s best for you and your business model – which means we don’t just advise and train to help with digital marketing. You can expect a strategy that covers off customer experience, P.R., events, traditional media, print, radio, and more, if that’s what we know you need help with.  We’re interested in how it fits together For our smaller businesses we tend to focus on digital mainly because it’s so accessible (and while time heavy, it’s cheap!). However sometimes a good-old targeted mail out or letterbox drop is just the ticket too.

  • Do you do marketing coaching?

    We certainly do! We start with a marketing strategy first. Our coaching sessions can either be with one strategist, or we will move you around to have a session with another coach if they have a particular skill you need help with. . We have fortnightly or monthly options, The minimal coaching period is three months, and includes coaching, training, and accountability checks. We cover all areas of your business – so it’s a marketing/business coaching blend, depending on what you need.

  • Can you set up a Facebook funnel for us?

    Yes! We love setting them up  and specilaise in ECommerce sales funnels. However…. We’re pretty fussy about getting you results, so we have to do a few things with you first. First – we start with a strategy and action plan that looks at all of your marketing. Why? Because we know Facebook ads work best when it’s working with everything else.

    During the strategy we’ll look at your website and buying journey, your organic (free) social media activity, and your email marketing. Sometimes we’ll suggest changes before we’ll press go on your ads, as we want you to get the best possible return on your money, and all of our time.

  • Can you manage our Facebook ads?

    While we’re not an outsourcing agency, we do love looking after Facebook and Google adwords for our clients. So…Yes! If we’ve worked with you on a strategy, and set up your Facebook ads, we are happy to look after them for you as long as you need it (or look after them during your busy periods). We have a minimum three month management time, and we charge a flat fee per month.

  • Can you manage our marketing for us?

    We prefer not to! Our focus on on allowing your business to grow capability and take control yourself. This saves you a lot of money! While we do set up marketing, and manage client’s facebook ads, google ads, and email marketing, our focus is very much on strategy, set up, and training you or your team to do it. We can work as a virtual Chief Marketing Officer, and support, upskill, and train you, a team member or a VA to manage your marketing though.

  • What email or CRM platforms do you recommend?

    If the platforms you are currently using are getting you great results, we prefer to refine rather than replace. However we often recommend MailerLite, Active Campaign, and the full ZOHO suite of apps. We are certified Active Campaign consultants (we have to pass an annual test every year to stay accredited) AND ZOHO partners. While we love both, and use both in our own business, we carefully think if these might be suitable, and only recommend if we are confident they’ll meet your needs.

  • I still need help, but I’m not quite ready to work with you. Next steps?

    You are in luck! We’ve got lots of ways you can get upskilled and feel supported! First – come join our Facebook group, come to our free courses and webinars, or subscribe to our YouTube, or subscribe to Rachel’s weekly podcast. If you want to DIY writing your own strategy, join our Toolbox – it will walk you through each step. 

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