It’s time for more people
to know about your business

Growth is easy when the right people know about your business.

You’ve done the hard yards, building a business you can be proud of. Marketing’s taken a back seat to service, quality, delivery.
It’s admirable!

There’s no glory in being a best-kept secret.

Sure- people love you. They come back to you. They refer you.

But it’s not enough.

More people need you.

And we know just how to help them find you.

We’re experts at showing you how to spill the beans

Our vision is to help small business owners become confident and capable in their marketing

How we’ll work together

Every business is different. You will have different needs. We work with you to create a strategy and action plan to get the best results for your specific business. To ensure we deliver you the right strategy, we follow a consistent process that helps you get the very best outcome

Initial marketing chat and planning

Clear Direction

Clarity on defining your core marketing messages, so you can cut through the noise of your competitors

Set up of your marketing automation and funnels

A Map to Follow

A detailed and clear action plan that maps out your priorities so you can start straight away

Marketing training and ongoing support

Our Support

Support with our online and bespoke one-to-one training, set up and coaching depending on your goals

Find out what secret-sharing tactics you are already using with our free marketing health checklist.

What you can expect when you work with us…

We find the simplest and easiest methods to help you get in front of the right people

You’ll know we think you are awesome right now (we won’t marketing shame you!)

We use our experience with hundreds of small businesses to provide you with your own unique plan.

You’ll get support, exclusive online training, and oodles of encouragement.

Understanding of what to outsource and what should stay in-house.

We’re firmly focussed on increasing your profit, and reducing costs as you grow.

Solutions that fit your budget, time, and goals.

Clear, personalised training.

Our end goal is to have you confidently (and hopefully enthusiastically!) running what we helped you set up.

Business growth that is attributable to your marketing.

Confidence that your marketing activity is targeted to the right people, and saying the right things.

When your best-kept secret gets found out?
That’s worth talking about.

What do our clients say?

From the very first discovery call, I knew Rod was extremely switched on with the Zoho process and was very detailed in ensuring we understood the process and in doing so we had full trust in Rod and his team.

We are based in Australia and Rod is in NZ, this was never an issue and we were supported the entire process with email support, zoom calls – all very open lines of communication.

We would work with Identify Marketing again without doubt and we would recommend them highly to anyone.

– Kirralea Walkerden, Real Learning

Being able to share your vision with someone can be sometimes hard in regards to others getting it.
Not with Identify.
A map of your vision and then a plan of attack that comes together, hitting targets and helping you bring in the leads is a great feeling and a profitable investment.
I’m very appreciative of meeting Identify Marketing. They know their shit.
Just be careful what you wish for – if you do what they tell you to do, you’ll get it! .

– Ben Ryan, Border Construction Group

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